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DigiMax Expands Global Marketing into Asia with Signing of Colloboration Deal in Hong Kong

Strategic Investment Partner, Kirobo Launches P2P Swap Button
TORONTO, ON, July 28, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – DigiMax Global Inc. (the “Company” or “DigiMax”) (CSE:DIGI)(OTC:DBKSF), a company that provides artificial intelligence (“AI”) and cryptocurrency technology solutions, is pleased to announce that it has signed its first collaboration agreement to expand CryptoHawk services into Hong Kong and surrounding areas.CryptoHawk is an Artificial Intelligence driven, price-trend prediction tool that can be profitably used by any investor interested in trading Bitcoin or Ethereum. The tool is different as it uses AI and machine learning to capture profit from the volatility of crypto currencies, rather than incur the risk of buy-and-hold investments. As previously announced by the Company, in its first full month of operation in June 2021, CryptoHawk signals achieved a 1-month, long-short return on BTC of more than 25% compared to a buy-and-hold return for the same period of a loss of 10%. In both up and down markets, CryptoHawk has the potential to deliver subscribers much higher returns when trading.

DigiMax is collaborating with Mr. Tony Tong in Hong Kong and other Asian regions where he has substantial influence. Mr. Tong is Co-Chairman & Co-Founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Association HKBA.hk.org, Council Member of International Digital Asset Exchange Association IDAXA.org , and President of GlobalSTOx.io & APX.HK. After graduating in engineering at the University of Minnesota and spending 15 years in the United States in several leading high-tech companies, Mr. Tong returned to Hong Kong where he has held many high-profile roles a few of which include:

– Co-Founder of Pacific Financial Services and Super Angels Ventures.
– Frequent speaker and bilingual moderator for leading fintech, blockchain, investment banking events, including Blockchain Economic Forum Singapore, Global Gaming Expo G2EAsia, Goldman Sachs, UBS, CLSA , Morgan Stanley Asia Investment Summit, Bank of America Merrill Lynch China Investment Summit.

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The collaboration agreement between DigiMax and Mr. Tong will include the issuance of 200,000 common shares of DigiMax and an award of additional shares as he assists DigiMax in successfully completing partnering deals with exchanges or directly increasing the number of CryptoHawk subscribers in Asia.

“We have known DigiMax and its founders since 2017 and we are impressed that they have withstood the test of time in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world,” said Tony Tong. “The CryptoHawk offering is already proving itself as an excellent tool for crypto traders to use to increase their returns and we look forward to working together to develop more markets in Asia with them.”

“We are excited to be able to join forces with Tony Tong who we respect as a prominent leader in the crypto industry in Asia,” said DigiMax CEO, Chris Carl. “Tony has been a leader and an innovator in every facet of the blockchain and crypto currency space and we are certain that CryptoHawk can deliver a whole new level of value and power to anyone interested in trading or owning crypto currencies in their portfolio.”


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Kirobo, a blockchain technology company into which DigiMax has made a strategic investment (see May 3, 2021 Press Release), yesterday announced it has launched its ‘P2P Swap Button’, a decentralized tool allowing cryptocurrency users to execute token swaps without having to use an exchange or custodial third party.

By taking the swap off-exchange, the tool allows users to decide their own prices for their tokens and transact directly with peers. As a result, slippage is avoided completely.

Asaf Naim, co-founder and CEO of Kirobo, said: “Until now, it wasn’t possible to execute a swap without losing money, because exchange algorithms adjust token prices according to the amounts put up for sale. We’re allowing people to trade without an exchange and to set their own prices, with complete security, for the first time ever.”

Kirobo’s safe transfer platform secures transactions with an authentication key, the component parts of which are divided between the first party, the smart contract, and the Kirobo server. There’s no single point of failure, and Kirobo does not hold users’ funds at any point.

For more information, please see Kirobo’s full press release at: bit.ly/3zHLMZW

About DigiMax

DigiMax is an Artificial Intelligence technology company committed to unlocking the potential of disruptive technologies by providing advanced financial, predictive, and cryptocurrency solutions across various verticals. DigiMax is an official IBM Watson partner, and the Company’s engineering team has extensive experience in Machine Learning, Neural Language Processing, AI, Big Data and Cryptocurrency technology.

To learn more, visit our website: https://digimaxglobal.com/


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