Denxpro Announces the Algorithm for GLDX Token

NEWARK, N.J., Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GLDX TOKEN, develped by Denxpro software LLC, recently announced its unique and promising algorithm. Is 116 USDT possible with GLDX TOKEN? In simple terms, GLDX TOKEN can reach 116 USDT by completing 88 splits from 1.1 USDT in a very short time with a reciprocal trading volume of around 9 million.

At the time this article is written, GLDX Token is purchased and sold on Probit Global exchange from 0.20 USDT. The platform aims to accelerate global promotion efforts starting from November and help users to generate income by completing the targeted halving until the end of the year.

Denxpro, a US-based investment company that supports different currencies and stake transactions is accelerating GLDX sales which is its first token. 33 million GLDX tokens are created but the number of tokens in circulation is limited with 4 million. 4 million circulations in the global crypto market with such high volumes will easily help achieve the target fund average with fast reactions and the values of the funds that GLDX average price is linked to have reached 116 USDT value in the time this article was written.

GLDX is a rapidly growing 3-billion-dollar asset saving company with a global customer network that offers digital asset saving services to more than 15 million users who can do transactions in stock, commodity and cryptocurrency markets.

Denxpro Announces the Algorithm for GLDX Token 1

The target is 300 million dollars with the GLDX tokens on sale: The token sales will accelerate in November 2021. It is stated that each token will be priced with 1 USD initial price. Various discount opportunities during sales are also expressed.

GLDX sets its eyes on otc (over-the-counter) and mining markets: The cryptocurrency exchange aims to offer services in stake, OTC (over-the-counter) and mining to both expand the platform and liquidity range. Thus, the exchange wants to increase the number of users and increase its total income. The exchange highlights that the collected funds will be used for this purpose.

The current income model of the GLDX Token focuses on transactions on the platform and the stake income. According to the White Paper, 30% of revenue from OTC, stake and mining transactions since the start of the quarter is expressed. Instead of an algorithm that increases with increasing demand and decreases with an increasing supply like the other tokens, GLDX Token is based on an algorithm that increased with both sales and purchase volume based on the traditional assets in line with the sales and purchases of GLDX token to ensure circulation.

The platform allocates 30% of the revenue stream to the liquidity pool every month. Thus, the platform can offer the buyback of the GLDX tokens from market price when there is supply halving.

The sales platform will ensure mobility with accounts that offer stake income during limited tokens (bear season) zero commission and token incentives with additional discounts other than the buyback system.

GLDX TOKEN is created based on the algorithms of various asset funds to prevent manipulative movements when the base price is created. The mechanism that these funds created with certain ratios to instantly work with transaction prices on the global markets is considered as the key element in pricing and this system acts as a jetty against huge price fluctuations.


The base price for each Gldx Token starts by dividing it to a 1.1 USDT ratio, which is the initial price over the commodity averages in which the existing investment funds are invested.

EXAMPLE: Fund1 + Fund2 + Fund3 = 96.8 USDT / 88 = 1.1 USDT

The algorithm starts to work with a 1.1 USDT price. It is divided from the initial divide to 1 (88 ~ 1) with each 200K (purchase+sales) volume and the value increase continues until the funds reach to 1:1 equation.

About Denxpro software LLC

Denxpro software LLC, which started working in the software field for various blockchain projects since 2013, was incorporated in 2019 and started to provide secure storage of crypto assets in the state of Delaware, and as of 2020, it started working on its own crypto assets. Gldx token with its own developed algorithm was offered to crypto users in 2021. With its algorithm, it aims to successfully complete the divisions in the first quarter of 2022.

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