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Decred Launches GoDCR Wallet with Enhanced Privacy Features


[Chicago, IL, May 23, 2022] Decred (DCR), a sovereignty and privacy maximizing currency, today announced the launch of GoDCR, a cross-platform GUI wallet built using Golang and Gio.

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GoDCR has privacy-preserving Simplified Payment Verification (SPV), an enhanced privacy feature not commonly available in lightweight wallets. Privacy-preserving SPV does not share personal transaction information with other nodes, significantly increasing user privacy.

Wallet users also have access to StakeShuffle, Decred’s opt-in privacy system with post-quantum secure mixing. The feature provides robust protection for the privacy of mixed coins against quantum computers.

GoDCR runs on a smaller footprint and is accessible on operating systems that don’t support Electron, notably the BSDs. In addition to the advanced privacy features, the wallet also has ticket staking with auto ticket buyer; proposal voting; consensus rule agenda voting; basic wallet operations and message verification.

“Our goal is to improve the usability and accessibility of Decred for people all over the planet,” said Steven Wagner, Senior Contributor at Decred. “Our next focus is to get GoDCR running on mobile. This will enable us to consolidate four different projects (dcrios, dcrandroid, dcrlibwallet, godcr), into a single UI design and code repo.”

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Future versions of GoDCR will include DCRDEX with a Bitcoin wallet, as well as enhanced restores (hex), and further user interface enhancements.

The GoDCR release is the latest in a series of developments from Decred. Earlier this month the project shifted to a majority proof of stake model and made a series of updates to DCRDEX, its decentralized exchange.

For more information visit decred.org.

About Decred (www.decred.org)

Decred is Money Evolved. By combining battle tested Proof-of-Work with an innovative take on Proof-of-Stake that places coin holders in charge of shaping the future, Decred is able to adapt to challenges and innovate at a rapid pace. You acquire influence in Decred by putting “skin in the game”. Decred’s security, privacy, scalability, and decentralized treasury empower stakeholders and provides them with the tools needed to enhance their financial sovereignty.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.