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DCB World: Expanding the NFT Market Beyond rypto

 for Romero Britto’s Art

NEW YORK, Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DCB World has announced the expansion of its project beyond the crypto world, launching its mobile application that allows users to own a Romero Britto NFT using credit cards, Apple pay, Google pay, and others.

It is considered a big step towards democratizing the onboarding and use of NFTs by allowing a wider range of fans to access and own this high-utility NFT that serves as a lifetime ticket.

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DCB World launched its first NFT in collaboration with the most licensed artist in history, Romero Britto, last year. The NFT, besides its artistic value, has many utilities, most notably its Lifetime Weekly Draws of a total prize pool of 61,000 ETH ($90,000,000) and its Guaranteed Winning draws triggered whenever 888 tickets are purchased, guaranteeing three winners for 11 ETH each.

The DCB World’s Britto NFT is original art by a renowned artist, in addition to a gaming dimension that DCB World innovated for the NFT community. The NFT serves as a ticket with a unique number allowing its owner to enter lifetime draws. This makes it the first non-fungible ticket that never expires while fully transparent and automated on the blockchain through the use of Chainlink technology. Taking personalization to another level, the DCB X Britto NFT holds a unique six-digit number chosen by the holder when minting; it can be a birth date, anniversary, or simply the combination of one’s lucky numbers.

The project will give holders different utilities, such as access to exclusive play-to-earn games that the DCB team is innovating. Owners of this NFT will also have the option to order a physical version of their virtual art, signed by none other than Britto himself.

“Looking at the crypto community, we have to navigate challenges and allow access to those who are not yet very familiar with this new world, where only a few million have purchased NFTs. This is why we at DCB engineered a way where anyone can own a unique Britto-designed NFT and get access to all its utilities, including huge unlimited draws. All you need is a one-time purchase, with or without crypto tokens or a wallet. Accessibility and expanding this world is a fundamental belief at DCB World.” – Ayman Jomaa – Founder at DCB World.

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Britto has exhibited in galleries and museums in over 100 countries.

He is an activist for charitable organizations worldwide and an artist who believes, “Art is too important not to share.” Fusing pop art and graffiti with Cubist abstraction, his vibrant colors and bold patterns evoke feelings of pure joy, hope, and aspiration. He creates a visual language of love and happiness that inspires millions worldwide.

DCB World is committed to giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds will benefit several organizations and initiatives like INARA. Watch for regular updates on TwitterTelegramInstagram, and Discord.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.