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CSSA Token Upgrading to 2.0 on August 4th

SAN FRANCISCO, July 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The NFT Chain project CSSA Token will be upgraded to version 2.0 on August 4th 2021. According to CSSA Token statistics, 29 of the top 30 CSSA Token block producers have contributed to this upgrade.

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The node core for this upgrade to CSSA Token 2.0 is called COSIO and it is not backwards compatible. Nodes need to be upgraded to keep the blockchain in sync. “COSIO” is a way to upgrade the consensus protocol to provide standardisation directly at layer 1. COSIO supports asset creation, atomic transfers and smart contracts to better leverage the scalability and security of the COSIO protocol.

Among other things, the atomic transfer function provides a fast and secure transfer of assets. In the traditional economy, a complex, large trust-based framework needs to be provided in order to complete asset transfers. The Atomic Transfer function provides an optimised solution for digital asset transfers, allowing for faster debt handling and also efficient allocation of funds..

The main challenge facing the CSSA Token 2.0 upgrade is how to effectively coordinate nodes and confirm their upgrade status. To solve this problem, COSIO can greatly simplify the validation process and improve the efficiency of the community in collecting the latest status of each node.

In the CSSA Token 2.0 update, a chain configuration feature was introduced. Through this mechanism, the characteristic block height and chain maintenance status are added to the chain, solving various problems in information exchange. At the same time, the upgraded version allows for a more complete solution to the compatibility of features and further advances the development of the CSSA ecosystem. Another advantage of this upgraded CSSA Token 2.0 is the high speed, which enables fast transactions through a unique mechanism.

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In response to this upgrade of CSSA Token 2.0, cryptocurrency exchange Viproex said, “We will support the upcoming CSSA Token 2.0 and network upgrade.” On the other hand, users are also expecting a significant increase in the trading price of the CSSA Token.

The upcoming CSSA Token 2.0 upgrade will be a compelling and important event for the industry in 2021.

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