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Crypto Adventure Rebrands to a New Website to Offer Extra Features

 For both Newbies and Experts

Bucharest, Romania, Sept. 16, 2021 There’s no denying that the crypto world is intriguing, and getting to know as much as possible is simply an adventure. At Crypto Adventure, we are committed to ensuring users have quite the ride as they delve into the crypto scene.


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Our site is a one-stop-shop for all things crypto. Whether looking for beginner guides or an in-depth review of a crypto project, we’ve got it covered.

Now, we believe it’s time for the next step. We are rebranding from cryptoadventure.org to cryptoadventure.com, bringing exciting new features for a better adventure!

New Learning Interface

We are thrilled to introduce this new feature with the new website. The learning interface will make it easier for anyone to find information on bitcoin and the altcoins. Here, users will be able to access reviews, guides, and giveaways of your favorite cryptocurrencies.

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One of the essential rules in the crypto world is DYOR. Whether looking for the next investment project or want to learn more about how the crypto world works, doing the research helps make the right decision and, in some cases, avoid dubious scam projects.

For this reason, the new version of Crypto Adventure comes with an all-new research section. Here, a new set of tools will help users better understand digital currencies. Besides reviews and insights into the latest trends, the research section includes an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Defi, NFTs, and other trends taking the crypto world by storm.

The search button at the top of the page makes it easier to find an interesting topic from the library.

Same Features… But Better!

Those who have been around long enough probably have a few favorite features on the old site. Well, the new site doesn’t get rid of these features. Instead, the new interface lays them out in grouped categories. This way, users can quickly find whatever information you could be looking for. Guides, reviews, and news articles are placed under different topics. They will also find the best tools to navigate the crypto space under the ‘Discover’ section.

If only getting started in the crypto world, users may have difficulty getting around all the terminology. The Crypto Adventure Glossary comes in handy, compiling a list of all the most important definitions that they need to know. This way, getting around the crypto scene won’t be too much of a hassle!

Earn Coins with Crypto Adventure!

Crypto Adventure is the ideal place if users want to try their luck and earn some new coins for their crypto wallets. We post airdrops, giveaways, and bounties on the site. These provide an excellent risk-free way to check out new digital currencies. We also include a selection of staking pools for anyone who would like to earn some passive income from cryptos.

The site also includes sections with information on crypto wallets, trading bots, and portfolio trackers, all designed to ensure you make the right investment decision for your crypto portfolio.

Additional Services

At Crypto Adventure, we are determined to help viable projects get to the next level. We offer custom advertising services tailored to help. We have a global audience of more than one million users and 50,000 investors. This rich network of crypto enthusiasts makes it the ideal platform to raise awareness of your upcoming crypto project.

Clients who come seeking advertising services get to choose from different listing formats. You can make the campaign project as complex as you wish by choosing between banner ads, email newsletters, and PR campaigns with some of the top crypto media. So, you can easily pitch your product to crypto lovers.

Let’s Get Started!

Since 2018, Crypto Adventure has been committed to meeting its readers’ crypto needs. We will be better placed to provide the latest insights, news, reviews, and information on the crypto world with the new platform. Whether you are well-informed or only getting started, our site is just what you need to go on a wild crypto ride.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get on board, and start your crypto adventure today!


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.