Corsair Acquires Origin PC

Corsair on Wednesday said that it had acquired Origin PC, a well-known boutique PC maker from the USA. Origin PC will remain a separate brand from Corsair and will continue to offer custom gaming and workstation machines. From now on, Origin PC will start to offer more Corsair products inside its systems.

Both Corsair and Origin PC are private companies, so the terms of the acquisition are not published. The only thing that Corsair announced today is that Origin PC would remain a separate brand and would continue to operate from its offices in Miami, Florida. After Corsair completes acquisition of Origin PC, Corsair will still continue to offer its Vengeance PC, Corsair One, and Corsair One Pro systems under its own brand. Obviously, both companies will continue to honor all existing warranties, purchases, and support obligations with their respective teams.

Since Corsair specializes on computer components, it is natural that Origin PC will over time expand use of hardware from the parent company inside its computers. In the near future, Origin PC is set to start using Corsair’s Hydro X-series custom liquid cooling systems and will integrate Corsair’s iCue software for lighting synchronization and performance monitoring into its machines. Further plans regarding collaboration and integration of the two companies’ products will be disclosed in the near future.

Andy Paul, Founder and CEO of Corsair, made the following statement:

“With the gaming PC market continuing to expand as an increasing number of players make the jump from console to PC, we wanted to do more to reach customers in North America that prefer to buy, rather than build, their system. With Origin PC’s expertise in personalized custom gaming systems and Corsair’s strength in performance PC hardware and the iCue software ecosystem, we’re excited to combine our efforts to create new world-class gaming experiences for PC gamers.”

Corsair was established in 1994, over 25 years ago, and originally focused on high-end memory modules. As the market of enthusiast-class hardware evolved, Corsair extended its product range significantly to computer cases, NAND flash-based storage, liquid cooling systems, keyboards, mice, PSUs, and even gaming PCs in the last couple of years.

Origin PC was founded in 2009 by former employees of Alienware after the latter was acquired by Dell. The company is primarily known for its high-performance and ultra-high-end desktop and mobile PCs featuring custom paint and some custom hardware.

By taking over Origin PC, Corsair hits multiple birds with one stone. Firstly, it expands its opportunities when it comes to high-performance gaming and workstation desktop PCs. Secondly, it enters the market of high-end notebooks. Thirdly, it ensures a solid sales channel for its components and peripherals. Fourth, it just becomes bigger and will enjoy greater economies of scale when working with other partners and suppliers.

Kevin Wasielewski, CEO of Oirign PC, made the following statement:

“Corsair is a fantastic partner to help take Origin PC forward, known for creating quality, high-performance products that fully align with Origin PC. With a complete range of enthusiast PC products, Origin PC and Corsair are uniquely placed to create amazing new systems that make the experience of owning a personalized custom gaming PC better than ever.”

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Source: Corsair

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