Coronavirus tech conference cancellations list: Apple WWDC, Microsoft Build, E3, NAB, Gartner, Dell World and more

Coronavirus tech conference cancellations list: Apple WWDC, Microsoft Build, E3, NAB, Gartner, Dell World and more 1

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic, and as the infectious disease continues to spread, the affects on public health and the global economy is unmistakable. In a March 11 statement put out through the WHO website, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said “We have never before seen a pandemic sparked by a coronavirus. This is the first pandemic caused by a coronavirus.”

As of Sunday, the virus had been detected in 142 countries and regions. Data compiled by Johns Hopkins University on COVID-19 cases show more than 156,000 confirmed cases and more than 5,800 deaths. More than 73,000 people have recovered.

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In the US, officials have reported over 2,200 cases in 42 states and Washington D.C. There are 50 reported deaths from the COVID-19 disease. 15 states have declared a state of emergency, including California, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

On Wednesday night, President Donald Trump announce a ban on non-U.S. citizens who have recently been in many European countries entering the U.S. The week prior, Vice President Mike Pence announced that travelers coming into the US on direct flights from Italy and South Korea will be screened for symptoms, travelers from China were already being screened. On Saturday, Pence said the ban was being extended to include Ireland and the U.K, effective midnight Monday. The ban does not affect U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, or their immediate families.

On March 5, the U.S. Senate approved a bill to provide $8.3 billion in emergency supplemental funds for coronavirus response. President Donald Trump signed the bill at the White House on March 6. On Friday, the U.S. House approved legislation to provide direct aid to some individuals affected by the virus outbreak, including free testing and sick pay and three months of paid family and medical leave. The Senate has not voted on the bill.

According to the American Conservative Union (ACU), an attendee at CPAC 2020 has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. Both President Trump and Vice President Pence attended the event, but according to reports neither Trump nor Pence came into direct contact with the infected individual. Several US lawmakers who were at the conference however, did come into contact with the infected attendee. Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Doug Collins, Rep. Matt Gaetz, and Rep. Mark Meadows (President Trump’s pick to be his new acting chief of staff) have all said they will go into self-quarantine after being told them met the individual. Video of the President arriving in Georgia for his tour of the Centers for Disease Control on March 6, shows Rep. Collins shaking Trump’s hand. On Saturday, President Trump announced that he was tested for coronavirus on Friday. Later Saturday, Trump’s personal physician said that the test was negative. Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he was going into self-isolation after his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, tested positive for coronavirus.

In last week’s Monday Morning Opener, Larry Dignan examined how the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is affecting global supply chains and consumer demand. On Friday he looked at how the disease may accelerate the future of work, including an increase in telecommuting, greater importance on video conferencing and digital collaboration technology, and less travel. As Larry wrote, “One thing is certain: The coronavirus is likely to mean the definition of business, as usual, will change.”

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While we won’t know the coronavirus’ effects on the overall nature of work for some time, one sector of the tech economy that’s already feeling an immediate impact is industry events. Whether as a result of travel bans, laws banning large gatherings, or an abundance of caution, officials are being canceling, postponing, or converting tech events to virtual events..leaving conference organizers, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors scrambling to make alternative plans. Companies are also instituting travel restrictions for employees. So, I decided to use this Monday Morning Opener to compile a list of the events that have been called off, pushed back, changed format, or are being held as scheduled.

Note: The coronavirus’ effect on the tech industry is a rapidly-changing story. We will do our best to update this list as news of conference cancellations and travel restrictions breaks.

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Tech conferences canceled, postponed, or going virtual

  • Adobe Summit (Mar. 29-Apr. 2 in Las Vegas) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Apple WWDC (June) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Aruba Networks Atmosphere 2020 (Mar. 23-26) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Atlassian Summit 2020 (Mar. 31-Apr. 2 in Las Vegas) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Black Hat Asia 2020 (Mar. 31-Apr. 3 in Singapore) – Postponed until Sep. 29-Oct. 2
  • CanSecWest (Mar. 18-20 in Vancouver) – Being held as scheduled
  • Cisco Live (May 31- Jun. 4 in Las Vegas) – Being held as scheduled
  • Cisco Live Melbourne (Mar. 3-6 in Melbourne) – Canceled
  • DEF CON China (Apr. 17-19 in) Beijing – Postponed TBD
  • Dell World (May 4-7 in Las Vegas) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • DocuSign Momentum (Mar. 4 in San Francisco) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Domopalooza (Mar. 18-19 in Salt Lake City, UT) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • E3 (Jun. 9-11 in Las Angeles) – Canceled
  • EmTech Asia (Mar. 24-36 in Singapore) – Postponed to Aug. 4-5
  • Enterprise Connect 2020 (Mar. 30-Apr. 2 in Orlando) – Postponed to Aug 3-6 in San Francisco
  • ESRI Developer Summit (Mar. 10) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • F5 Agility 2020 (Mar. 16-19 in Orlando, FL) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Facebook F8 (May 6-8 in San Jose, CA) – Canceled
  • Facebook Global Marketing Summit (Mar. 9-12 in San Francisco) – Canceled
  • Future Vision: DTG Summit 2020 (May 6 in London) – Postponed until Oct. 5
  • Game Developers Conference (GDC) (Mar. 16-20 in San Francisco) – Postponed to Summer 2020
  • Gartner CIO Symposium/ITxPo (Oct. 18-22 in Orlando) – Being held as scheduled
  • Gartner Data & Analytics Summit (Mar. 9-11 in London – Postponed
  • Gartner Data & Analytics Summit (Mar. 23-26 in Grapevine, TX) – Postponed
  • Google Cloud Next (Apr. 6-8 in San Francisco) – In-person canceled; online-only event 
  • Google I/O (May 12-14 in Mountain View, CA) – Canceled
  • Google News Initiative Summit (Late Apr. in Sunnyvale, CA) – Canceled
  • HPE Discover (Jun. 23-25 in Las Vegas) – Being held as scheduled
  • Infor Inforum 2020 (Sep. 14-16 in Las Vegas) – Being held as scheduled
  • Ingram Micro Cloud Cloud Summit 2020 (May 12-14 in Miami Beach, FL) – Postponed until early 2021
  • IoT World Developer Conference (Apr. 6-9, 2020 in San Jose, CA) – Postponed until Aug. 10-13
  • Kaspersky’s Security Analyst Summit (April 6 – 9 in Barcelona) – Postponed until Fall 2020 
  • Microsoft Build (May 19-21 in Seattle) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Microsoft Ignite (Sep. 21-25 in New Orleans) – Being held as scheduled
  • Microsoft WSLConf (March 10-11 in Redmond, WA) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Microsoft MVP Global Summit (Mar. 15-20 in Bellevue & Redmond, WA) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Mobile World Congress MWC Barcelona (GSMA) (Feb. 24-27 in Barcelona) – Canceled
  • MSPWorld (Mar. 15-17 in New Orleans) – Rescheduled for June 2020
  • Mobile World Congress MWC Americas (GSMA) (Oct. 28-30 in Los Angeles) – Being held as scheduled
  • NAB Show – National Association of Broadcasters (Apr. 18-22 in Las Vegas) – Canceled; possible rescheduled for Fall
  • Nvidia GTC – GPU Technology Conference (Mar. 22-26 in San Jose, CA) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • O’Reilly Strata Data & AI Conference (Mar. 15-18, San Jose, CA) – Postponed; Merged with Strata Data & AI (Sep. 14–17)
  • ODSC East 2020 – Open Data Science Conference (Apr. 13-17 in Boston) – Being held as scheduled, offering virtual option.
  • OFC 2020 (Mar. 8-12 in San Diego, CA) – Being held as scheduled
  • Oktane Live – (Mar. 30-Apr. 2) Online-only event
  • Oracle Code One (Sep. 21-24 in Las Vegas) – Being held as scheduled
  • Oracle Modern Business Experience (Mar. 23-26 in Chicago) – Postponed until Sep. 21-24 to coincide with OpenWorld
  • Oracle OpenWorld (Sep. 21-24 in Las Vegas) – Being held as scheduled
  • Paris Blockchain Week Summit (Mar. 31-Apr. 1 in Paris) – Postponed until Dec. 9-10
  • Percona Live Open Source Database Conference (May 18-20 in Austin, TX) – Being held as scheduled
  • Pwn2Own (March 12 in Vancouver) – In-person canceled, online-only event
  • Qualtrics X4 Summit (Mar. 10-13 in Salt Lake City, UT) – Postponed to early Fall 2020
  • Recode Code Conference 2020 (May 26-28 in Beverly Hills, CA) – Being held as scheduled
  • Red Hat Summit 2020 (Apr. 27-29 in San Francisco) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • RSA Conference (Feb. 24-28 in San Francisco) – Held as planned (IBM, AT&T, Verizon, and other vendors withdrew)
  • SaaS Connect – Cloud Software Association (Apr. 15-16 in San Francisco) – Postponed until Oct. 5-6
  • SaaStr Annual 2020 – (Mar. 10-12 in San Jose, CA) – Canceled; rescheduled Sep. 2020, SF Bay Area
  • Salesforce World Tour Sydney (Mar. 4 in Sydney) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • SAP Ariba LIVE (Mar. 16-18 in Las Vegas) – Canceled
  • SAP Concur Fusion (Mar. 9-12 in Orlando) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • SAP NOW (Mar.) – Canceled
  • SAP SAPPHIRE NOW (May 12-14 in Orlando) – Being held as scheduled
  • SAS Global Forum (Mar. 29-Apr. 1 in Washington, DC) – In-person canceled; online-only event
  • Shopify Unite 2020 developers conference (May 6-8 in Toronto) – In-person canceled; online-only event 
  • SXSW (Mar. 12-22 in Austin, Texas) – Canceled
  • TNW Conference (Jun, 18-19 in Amsterdam) – Postponed until Oct. 1-2
  • VMworld (Aug. 31-Sep. 3 in San Francisco) – Being held as scheduled

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For a list of canceled or postponed specialty tech conferences, check out the following ZDNet articles:

Major tech companies institute travel restrictions and work-from-home policies due to coronavirus

As of February 29, 2020, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued multiple travel warnings due to the coronavirus disease. The CDC recommends travelers avoid nonessential travel to China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy.

Amazon is asking all staff in the Seattle and Bellevue area to work from home after an employee at the company’s Seattle headquarters tested positive for COVID-19. “We are recommending that employees in Seattle/Bellevue who are able to work from home do so through the end of the month,” Amazon told CBS News. Earlier, Amazon had asked all of its 798,000 employees to stop all nonessential travel, both domestic and internationally, immediately, according to an Amazon spokesperson.

On Friday, the University of Washington cancelled all in-person classes for the rest of the quarter. In a statement, the university said they would “resume normal class operations when spring quarter begins March 30, pending public health guidance.”

Microsoft has also asked employees to work from home until at least March 25. “Consistent with King County guidance, we are recommending all employees who are in a job that can be done from home should do so through March 25th,” the company said in a public statement. Microsoft also urged employee to “postpone travel to Puget Sound or Bay Area campuses unless essential for the continuity of Microsoft.” The company had already told employees to cancel non-essential business travel in “regions with active COVID-19.”

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In addition to cancelling its annual F8 conference, Facebook has placed restrictions on employee travel. The company has also closed two buildings in Seattle after a contractor based in the city tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

After a Google employee in Switzerland tested positive for coronavirus, the company expanded employee travel restrictions. Twitter has canceled all non-essential employee travel until further notice, including CEO Jack Dorsey’s appearance at SXSW. On Monday, Twitter also asked employees, which the company refers to as Tweeps, to work from home if possible. “We are operating out of an abundance of caution and the utmost dedication to keeping our Tweeps healthy,” the company said in a blog post.

On Monday, Salesforce announced a series of employee health and safety measures for the month of March, “including prohibiting cross border travel, restricting all but the most critical domestic travel, replacing our in-person customer events with digital experiences, and enhancing our office protocols to ensure we provide the healthiest work environment possible.”

On Wednesday, March 4, IBM announced travel restrictions, suspending domestic travel for internal meetings and for external events with more than 1,000 people. International travel will be limited to “business-critical situations when virtual methods are insufficient.” The company is also requiring employees to self-quarantine if they travel to restricted locations. “If IBMers have personal travel to restricted locations, they must inform their manager and must self-quarantine for 14 days after their trip is completed, per recommendations by health organizations,” IBM said in a statement.

Apple,  and others have also implemented employee travel restrictions.


The Monday Morning Opener is our opening salvo for the week in tech. Since we run a global site, this editorial publishes on Monday at 8am AEST in Sydney, Australia, which is 6pm Eastern Time on Sunday in the US. It is written by a member of ZDNet’s global editorial board, which is comprised of our lead editors across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Updated March 15, 11:57am: Updated coronavirus information and conference cancelations. Previous updates include; employee travel restrictions, conference cancellations, school closings, U.S. lawmakers going into isolation, U.S. travel restrictions, and U.S. aid legislation.

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