Cointext Adds the Ability to Pay Bitpay Invoices Using SMS 1

Cointext, the cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to send bitcoin cash (BCH) by SMS, has been steadily adding regional support and so far has captured 42 countries. Now Cointext has added the ability to utilize the BIP70 protocol so users can pay Bitpay invoices using the wallet’s text messaging capabilities.

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Cointext Now Supports 42 Countries

The Cointext wallet is a popular client among BCH supporters because it allows people to transact through SMS technology. Over the last few weeks, the startup has been adding support for countries like Bangladesh, Philippines, and Hong Kong. The company has gathered support for a total of 42 countries including Hungary, Denmark, Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Australia, Estonia, Finland, and Germany. Cointext’s main goal is removing friction and making cryptocurrency simple to use and the startup believes its wallet “is the easiest way to introduce friends to crypto.”

Cointext Adds the Ability to Pay Bitpay Invoices Using SMS
The Cointext service is now available in 42 countries.

BIP70 Support, Bitpay Invoices and Anypay Global

Cointext has now announced support for the BIP70 payment protocol that Bitpay uses to process bitcoin core (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) invoices. Essentially this means that Cointext users can copy a BIP70 payment URL and pay the invoice via their text messaging service. The startup also released a video showing the process, with Cointext founder and CTO Vin Amarmi demonstrating the new “Buy” command by donating $1 in BCH to the Wikimedia organization. The video demonstration showed the procedure was seamless and the functionality gives Cointext users the ability to pay for all types of goods and services using BCH.

Cointext Adds the Ability to Pay Bitpay Invoices Using SMS
Cointext can process both Bitpay invoices (BIP70) and Anypay Global invoices.

The BIP70 support follows the platform’s recent integration with another payment processor based in New Hampshire called Anypay Global. Last November, BCH fans noticed a recorded video of an individual paying for goods at the La Maison Navarre bakery in New Hampshire but instead of using a traditional QR code payment the food was purchased via text using the Cointext application. Anypay Global merchants simply create a BCH invoice using the application and the platform provides a Cointext code alongside a traditional QR code. In order to pay for goods, the Cointext user simply enters the code and from there the invoice is paid almost instantly.

BCH enthusiasts seem to like the Cointext wallet and appreciate the fact that it can be used sans internet. Furthermore, Cointext can be used by people who use basic feature phones (Nokia style) and has shared pictures of people using the app on a feature phone from a variety of different countries. Amarmi and the Cointext team hope the SMS functionality provided by Cointext will be able to reach the billions of unbanked global citizens as there are well over 2 billion registered basic feature phones worldwide. The ability to pay for invoices using payment processors like Bitpay and Anypay Global adds more real-world use cases to the Cointext system as a whole.


What do you think about Cointext adding BIP70 support so users can pay for Bitpay invoices via text message? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

Image credits: Cointext, Shutterstock, and Pixabay.

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Cointext Adds the Ability to Pay Bitpay Invoices Using SMS 2
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