• Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Coinflect to Launch Largest Multi-Chain Staking Network for Investors

TORONTO, ON / Coinflect has unveiled its next-generation protocol ahead of its November 11th presale on Pinksale. The staking utility will be available at launch to investors to start staking across various smart chains. The news comes after the company’s successful private sale, partnerships and integrations. Staking has traditionally allowed investors to earn higher APY’s. At present, a lack of cross-chain systems has made it hard for investors to explore all that DeFi has to offer. Coinflect aims to provide the most staking pairs than any platform in the DeFi space.

Coinflect is a decentralized staking platform built for flexible multi-chain investments. Starting on the Binance Smart Chain, investors will have the ability to earn high yields and expand their portfolio with new and existing tokens from available pools. As DeFi services get more popular, demand for cross-chain systems is at an all-time high. Coinflect has identified a huge market opportunity for a staking protocol that supports projects across various blockchains on one platform. The company states that the key to its smart-chain expansion lies in its sustainable growth model, developing its utility revenue stream and working closely with launch pads to provide new staking pools.

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There are many tokens that offer staking, yet most do not focus on the dependent relationship between investor and developer. By offering new and existing projects to have a Coinflect staking pair, projects are able to give their token added utility and exposure. Developers would provide liquidity to be earned while Coinflect provides its native token to create the reward for the second pool. This allows for a unified exchange of investors to further explore the ecosystem and becoming holders in other connected projects. Coinflect looks forward to continuing its partnerships and growing the company as it expands to polygon, fantom and other popular smart-chains.

For the average investor, staking is an easy way to put crypto to work and ensure passive income. Much like a savings account, staking tokens will earn rewards from the pool of your choice. The more Coinflect investors stake in relation to others, the higher the yield reward. In addition to no lock-up time, investors will have the freedom to un-stake tokens with no penalty. If you choose to remove staked tokens before a 24-hour period is completed, you will simply forfeit any eligible reward from only that period. This option allows investors to remain in control and manage their investments freely. With daily rewards and various pools to choose from, Coinflect will be the only platform you need.

Browsing through the available pools, you can decide which rewards you would like to receive and accumulate every 24 hours. Keep in mind, holding Coinflect while the cross-chain bridge is in development will yield considerably higher staking power on any chain once available. Discover new revenue opportunities offered on the only platform you’ll ever need. Join the Coinflect telegram for news and updates before the November 11 presale!

About Coinflect

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Coinflect is a cryptocurrency company bridging investors and developers together across multiple smart-chains. Through its DeFi DApp, investor can manage their assets to accumulate rewards every 24 hours across several projects .

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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