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Cleo Finance Introduces No-Code Revolution in Automated Trading for Crypto Retail Traders

After the success of its beta release, Cleo Finance launches a no-code automated crypto trading platform where traders can easily automate a trading strategy in minutes without any need for coding knowledge.

LONDON, Calif., June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cleo Finance, a financial technology provider offering a vast selection of innovative crypto trading tools with advanced risk management, launches a crypto trading platform where crypto traders can automate their trading process in minutes with no need for any coding knowledge. Cleo.finance trading platform aims to help individual crypto traders by removing complexity from trading and make achieving long-term profitability more attainable.

Algorithmic trading forces the trader to plan ahead. It keeps the emotional element removed from trading and it can help traders manage trades across multiple markets far more efficiently. The main barrier to algorithmic trading is that it requires coding knowledge. Cleo.finance removes this barrier with its no-code automated trading platform. Traders can write their own custom “if this then that” trading bots in plain English and automate their strategies in minutes. Over 14,000 traders participated in the 18-month-long beta program and most importantly 57.9% of them were profitable, shattering the industry standard of 20-30% of profitable retail trading accounts.

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We strongly believe that the increasing interest in trading amongst individual traders needs to be well supported by technology providers. The visible comparative success of traders using cleo.finance motivated us to improve the core of our trading platform and provide even more functionality to users. Helping individual traders on their path to long-term profitability remains our mission we work tirelessly and passionately towards.” – Kevin Grulich, CEO of Cleo Finance Ltd.

Cleo.finance combines its no-code automated trading features with advanced risk management options and intuitive order management previously out of reach for individual traders. The Platform supports multiple stop loss and take profit orders with hundreds of data points allowing for millions of combinations with full customization.

Each position, with its entire settings, can be viewed on an integrated chart. Visualizing trading strategies allows traders to see their potential loss and profit levels while understanding their risk-to-reward ratio before entering the trade.

The crypto trading platform also offers a way for traders to constantly improve the way they trade. They can gather valuable insight about their trading strategy and identify their strengths and weaknesses with the Position Replay feature. This unique feature allows traders to replay their position history. Users can watch their positions’ key moments in the chart and pinpoint if any of the conditions are rushing or lagging behind the execution with detailed statistics.

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For traders who don’t know where to start or are looking for trading strategy ideas, the crypto trading platform has predefined templates that can be used and even customized.

The Cleo.finance trading platform is now free and offers live trading via an API connection to Binance Futures. The company expects to connect to other major crypto derivate exchanges in the near future.

Cleo Finance aims to offer the most innovative and sophisticated trading tools to remove complexity from trading and maximize traders’ profitability by constantly improving the odds of individual traders everywhere.

About Cleo Finance Ltd.:

Cleo Finance Ltd. is a financial technology provider that took complex and fragmented financial tools, simplified them dramatically, and made them available in one powerful trading platform to all individual traders. The team behind it all has deep expertise in algorithmic trading, data architecture, machine learning, and capital markets with a successful track record within the financial sector. The company is headquartered in London with operations in beautiful Prague.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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