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Chainlist.finanace, The First Decentralized Crosschain NFTs Bridge & Marketplace

Chainlist.finance, The First Decentralized Crosschain NFTs Bridge & Marketplace

Tallin, Estonia, Nov. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireChainlist.finance will further assist them to launch their NFTs on different blockchains. Chainlist.finance is compatible with cross-chain blockchain and cross-chain social media.

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Chainlist.finance offers multiple new and updated features that have not been offered by any other blockchain project. This project, however, explores different areas of improvement, and tries to stick two incomplete pieces in order to create a single masterpiece.

Besides, social media is no longer confined to entertainment. Many people have made a good fortune out of it, and the number of those individuals is only increasing. Individuals that are already monetizing social media, and those who create content only as a hobby, both, are provided with a passive income opportunity through Chainlist.finance. NFTees trading volume surged in the third quarter of 2021 to $16.67B. Considering that number chainlist is offering passive income where an artist can earn upto $50k on average

Users of Chainlist.finance will be able to convert their digital content into NFTs, without going through the hustle of creating a digital currency wallet, purchasing native tokens and utilizing them to create NFTs. On the contrary, users will be able to convert their digital content into non-fungible tokens relatively easily, through just a few clicks.

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As the diagram explains for itself, Chainlist.finance will use its NFT bridge to offer interoperability. Users will be able to buy and sell in different blockchain marketplaces without having to shift to other crypto wallets.

Once users authorize their social media accounts with the application, they will be able to mint or buy/sell NFTs. In addition to that, users who do not want to connect their social media accounts, will be able to directly convert their organic data into NFTs.

Chainlist.finance takes up on the challenge to amalgamate both industries to create a by-product that is enabled to transform usual digital content on social apps into NFTs, and launching them on different blockchain marketplaces. Aside from creating NFTs, Chainlist.finance offers exciting features.

What Chainlist is offering ?


Chainlist.finance offers metaverse with augmented and virtual reality to enable influencers and their followers to conduct virtual events. Users will be able to request their celebrities for personalized content that can be published on either marketplace with the consent of both parties.


Chainlist.finance offers staking with its native token $Clist in return offers upto 509,555.25% APY. Users can do staking in two ways: $Clist-$Clist or $BNB-LP $Clist pools


Chainlist.finance is a decentralized structure with its native token $Clist which can be used to participate in governance structure of the platform.

Cross chain interoperability

Through the Chainlist NFT bridge users will be able to access multiple blockchains through cross chain interoperability feature. In addition, users will be able to make transactions on different blockchains with a single wallet through Chainlist NFT bridge.

Desktop and Mobile applicationChainlist.finance has compatible applications for desktop and mobile sets in order to offer better user experience.

Third party use-case and applicationsChainlist will have its own open source code on github, third party platforms will be able to adopt usability and scalability within the open source ecosystem. They will not have to write code from scratch, as they can adopt it from the open source.


Chainlist token is already minted on the binance smart chain and has a total token supply of 1 Billion Clist token which will be distributed below;

  • Private-sale 5% Tokens will be sold to Venture Capitalists and Long Term Investors.
  • Pre-sale: 30% of tokens will be sold at 1 BNB = 300,000 Clist to Early Investors.
  • Initial liquidity pool: 20% on Pancakeswap
  • Marketing and strategic partnership: 8% (locked for 6 months vesting)
  • Team pool: 5%, where 2% for development and 3% for R&D (tokens locked for 6 months vesting)
  • ILO platform fee 2%
  • Tokens locked for staking reward in contract: 30%

Mission and vision

Chainlist has the mission to create an integrated space for social media platforms and blockchain. It is on the mission to create a source of passive income for social media users through non-fungible tokens, and staking for Chainlist.finance community.

The platform is designed in a way to facilitate users to easily transfer their digital content into non-fungible tokens. It also helps users to launch their NFTs across different blockchain marketplaces, which is a big flex for a project of this nature.

Chainlist.finance is a one-stop marketplace for social media users to monetize their personal content that includes images, GIF, videos and music. Users can turn their viral content into NFTs and sell for fortune including the 5% royalty on each trade. So what are you waiting for?

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.