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E-crypto news was designed as a platform to help investors make the best possible investment decisions with their cryptocurrencies. Considering the state of the market and the volatility that has become a distinguishing feature of digital currencies, it is all the more important to make sure that you keep track of how these markets are faring to capitalize on even the smallest changes. As such, E-Crypto News keeps an archival and real-time updated news database so that our users are never left in the dark about any developments in the crypto markets.

We offer detailed price analyses and provide the latest Ethereum market insights that form the core of a strong investment decision. Equipped with this information, there is little chance that anything would slide past your attention. With our updates working as a lens into cryptomarkets, you will never have to be concerned about missing even the smallest market fluctuations.

What Is Decentraland And How Does It Work?

Decentraland is described as a three-dimensional (3D) virtual reality platform. It stands at the forefront of the growing metaverse trend that has seen many meta-related coins explode by up to...
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A Guide Into The Polygon Network

A Deep Dive Into The Polygon Network

  Polygon (MATIC) is a layer 2 solution that enhances Ethereum and powers its scalability. Nobody denies that Ethereum is a trendsetting blockchain globally. It is second only to Bitcoin...
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Eleazar Galano of Infura Explains How Web3 Developers will Rule the World

Let’s face it. Web3 is here to stay. The web3 ecosystem has created a new paradigm where tools are of the essence. One of the most sought-after tools is the...
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 The 7 Best Ethereum Twitter Accounts to Follow 

Ethereum twitter may be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency space. The impact of the cryptocurrency project on the cryptocurrency space is second to none.  Ethereum is likely to...
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The Unconventional Guide to Ethereum

Ethereum is described as a blockchain-based software platform that hosts a decentralized application store and payment infrastructure on its network. Users can create distributed applications with no censorship or regulation...
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Alex Shevchenko- Aurora Labs CEO talks to us about NEAR’s Ethereum Virtual Machine

Now, blockchain interoperability has been the pot of gold that sat at the end of the rainbow for most of the cryptocurrency space. Most developers have been in-between ecosystems and...
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Aventus Co-Founder Alan Vey on NFT Upgrades and Layer 2 Solutions

Layer-2 solutions on smart contract capable blockchains have become the order of the day. They come with many advantages and also many risks. We have seen many of these in...
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Editorial: The Crypto Maze-Cryptocurrency Adoption and Regulation are Coming

Cryptocurrency adoption has been the rallying cry for members of the cryptocurrency industry for years now.  This movement is yet to be fully adopted at all, (it’s early). Many issues...
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Ethereum Price: What Is Pushing It And What Does The Future Hold?

The Ethereum price has been on a roller coaster since its inception in 2015. The crypto was founded by eight people, with one of them being 27-year-old Vitalik Buterin. Apart...
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Here’s What to Expect from the Ethereum London Hard Fork

The Ethereum London Hard Fork occurred a few hours ago.  Before then, cryptocurrency traders had been hedging their bets in favor of the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.  As the Ethereum London...
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