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ByteNext Introduces AvatarArt-a Bridge Connecting Artists

HANOI, Vietnam, May 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With many special NFT functions supporting to store and preserve artworks, as well as organizing 3D exhibitions, AvatarArt, developed by ByteNext, has made a breakthrough to promote the art field and bring NFT closer to life.

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Over the past time, NFT emerges as an indispensable future trend. However, there are still many barriers because it is very strange and difficult to understand for most people, especially artists due to their expertise.

Along with that, the company finds that traditional auctions have many shortcomings, limitations and risks related to difficulties in shipping artworks to auction halls; time-consuming and complicated procedures and processes, and other disputes.

Nowadays, auctions are held locally, which limits connection and goes backward the current globalization trend. Besides, that digital artworks become NFT and are sold at unbelievable prices causes a great problem to this field..

And AvatarArt goes live to provide people with a solution supporting the process of making artworks become NFt in the safest and fairest manner.

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AvatarArt solutions

As AvatarArt mentioned above, AvatarArt aims to make the NFT process for artworks transparent. AvatarArt tend to create effective solutions as follows:

AvatarArt is designed with a simple interface, facilitating artists to create NFT for their artworks and bring them closer to millions of art lovers worldwide just by some clicks.

AvatarArt also connects to storage and preservation centers in certain places. After artworks are stored and verified by specialists and experts, AvatarArt will automatically create NFT for the artworks, which helps them keep their real values.

All artworks can be auctioned online without being taken to the auction halls because the real ones are stored at centers and sticked with codes. Besides, authorization becomes simpler thanks to the Blockchain application. Everyone can join the auctions, offering artists a great opportunity to bring them closer to the world.

The auction process also becomes simpler. Users can watch NFT works in a 3D space before the auctions take place, which makes the auctions more interesting and attractive.

The transaction process is stored on Blockchain, ensuring that the auctions are held transparently and publicly, thereby avoiding unexpected disputes.

By integrating many solutions in an ecosystem, we help to eliminate all issues that artists and art lovers are facing, at the same time promoting connection and interaction between them.

And AvatarArt will bring NFT and art to a new height.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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