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BTRIPS Enters Into VC Agreement with the Invention Lab

Innovative NFT marketplace, BTRIPS, continues to gain traction, with professional startup accelerator institution, THE Invention Lab, investing in the company

HONG KONG, Sept. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The team at BTRIPS LIMITED recently made a giant stride in the pursuit of providing an all-inclusive NFT marketplace for all stakeholders as the company recently attracted investment from THE Invention Lab. THE Invention Lab, a professional startup accelerator institution with numerous successful investment experiences, has invested in BTRIPS in what seems like a VC arrangement. In a related development, a project member of BTRIPS revealed, “BTRIPS is planning to expand the ecosystem by applying the uniqueness of NFT not only onto luxury goods but also on various cultural contents.”

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The global market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has practically exploded in recent times, disrupting the crypto space as more people become interested in the technology. Unfortunately, many of the available platforms have not effectively addressed the concerns of NFT enthusiasts in terms of comprehensiveness and user-friendliness. However, BTRIPS seems to have mastered the art of delivering solutions for everyone, as substantiated by recent announcements from the company.

BTRIPS is an integrated online and offline commerce platform designed to offer various convenient services for all categories of users, allowing them to utilize intelligent marketing tools for the Issuance of electronic coupons, distribution services, and the usage of cryptocurrency. BTRIPS will provide a marketplace where NFT can be traded, subscribed, or even put up to auctions. The NFT assets minted on the BTRIPS Platform are unique as they are matched with real assets, not virtual products such as characters or online items.

The Invention Lab, a startup accelerator and TIPS operator of the ‘Ministry of SMEs and Startups’ in Korea, has participated in seed investment of BTRIPS for its great potential.

The recent investment from THE Invention Lab is a further reiteration of the potentials of BTRIPS, considering the team at the professional startup accelerator institution. Jin Young Kim, the CEO of THE Invention Lab, is a co-founder of a blockchain startup accelerator company ‘Vertical Platform.’

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For more information about BTRIPS and the different aspects of the project, visit https://www.btrips.io/.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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