Blockchain Courses Coming to China’s Largest IT Developer Education Platform

Blockchain Courses Coming to China’s Largest IT Developer Education Platform 1

Chinese programmers will now be able to learn about blockchain development from the largest platform dedicated to IT education in the country. currently boasts more 600,000 active members.The platform’s courses focus mostly on educating developers working with Android operating systems. It offers more than 2,500 different study programmes.HPB Brings Blockchain Education to the Masses in ChinaOne of the most difficult to surmount obstacles standing in the way of widespread crypto adoption is certainly user experience.Wallets can be pretty confusing to the absolute crypto novice who might never have heard some of the terms used before. The fact that they don’t fully understand how to safely use a wallet and that all crypto payments are final might make them steer clear of getting involved with digital assets at all. Worse still, they might lose funds through their naivety.Simplifying wallets so that your grandmother is comfortable with using them is vital for digital currency adoption. Yesterday, Lightning Labs, the largest contributing development firm on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network launched its own mobile application, stating that chief amongst the concerns when designing the application was to make it as userfriendly as possible.The space needs talented developers to build out these apps and working towards training these developers is HPB (High Performance Blockchain). The company has a series of blockchain courses that are now available on, the largest IT education platform in China. The courses were designed by HPB founder and CEO, Xiaoming Wang.The series of courses, titled “Blockchain Wallet iOS & Android in Practice” will expose the much-hyped technology to Jikexueyuan’s hundreds of thousands of aspiring developers. This can only be a good thing for the blockchain and the crypto industry.The author of the courses, also known as “Lan Lianhua” (Blue Lotus) draws on 10 years experience as a web developer, founding Union Pay Smart, the big data division of the financial services firm. He was also a contributing author in a series of blockchain development guide books.Wang explained in a company press release why he decided to pen the courses and what he thinks he can add to the already numerous courses aimed at blockchain developers:“Blockchain is one of the most popular concepts in 2019. Many courses are theory-oriented, and there are few use cases that have been implemented. We hope that the courses will help more developers integrate to our MainNet and learn the blockchain technology in a comprehensive way through our project’s wallets.”As mentioned, is China’s largest IT developer educational platform. Since its launch, it has seen more than 3 million users sign up for courses.It raised $22 million in Series B Financing from Susquehanna International Group and BlueRun Ventures. This made it the largest single financing round in the Chinese IT education sector ever. Related Reading: Bitcoin Reading List: Get Up to Speed With the World’s Most Popular Crypto AssetFeatured Image from Shutterstock. 

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