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Black Eye Galaxy Staking Pools with NFT Rewards

Kiev, Ukraine, Aug. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireBlack Eye Galaxy, a cross-chain virtual metaverse that has been approaching the NFT metaverse economy with quite an intriguing perspective, announced the option for $BYG holders to stake the native $BYG token and earn alliance cards or plants as rewards, beginning from Monday, 23.08 14 pm UTC.

Considering the somewhat recent partnership with the blockchain LaunchPad, SuperLauncher, this project introduced a SuperLauncher Alliance membership card pool, which will allow its users to access the promised incentives depending on the form of membership card they possess. It has options for the BYG membership alliance cardholders, the SuperLauncher alliance cardholders, as well as those who want to earn planets as rewards.

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This event emanates from the bid to further secure and strengthen the network while ensuring that the members or users are well compensated for their efforts in doing so. Again, note that the staking criteria and features vary depending on the alliance membership held. Nonetheless, irrespective of the alliance membership pool or the associated pool, the staking process will last for a period of thirty days, and no one is allowed to stake their token more than once per wallet.

For those who hold the SuperLauncher Alliance membership cards, the pool attributed to them features 250 NFT cards, requiring users to stake at least 8.800 BYG tokens. Similar to Pools available, users are allowed to un-stake their assets as they deem fit. However, this action would deprive them of accessing the rewards associated with the staking event.

For holders of the BYG Alliance membership card, the associated pool features NFT cards limited to 450, and the staking requirement is 5.000 BYG cryptographic tokens. For both pools mentioned, the reward for staking assets is 1 alliance membership card, which is tradable and transferrable.

Lastly, for users in the Planets pool, this pool features 30 planets, and just like other pools, you can only stake once from a specific wallet. The staking length remains the same as well as the terms related to un-staking. However, the requirement to participate in this event is 33k BYG cryptographic tokens.

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As a result of the limited amount of rewards available in this event, these pools will adopt an FCFS framework. In other words, it will be on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. Early stakes will be better positioned to enjoy these rewards

Since its launch, Black Eye Galaxy has seen diverse new features alongside its relatively new UI launch, not to mention the biggest partnership with SuperLauncher. The primary objective of this project is supplying entirely different DeFi and gamification features right on one easy-to-use platform, and in doing this, it makes the world of decentralization more accessible to a vast range of individuals within the ecosystem. With the introduction of the staking pools and event, it is offering an even more accessible option for anyone looking to earn passive income, maximize their profitability while enjoying unmatched entertainment. With Unreal at the core of its architecture, this project is promising to leave an unreal mark on the NFT, blockchain, and DeFi ecosystems.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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