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Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. NFT’s Dividend Record Date and Payout

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DALLAS, TX, July 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. (OTC Pink: BDGR) (“The Company”) announced today that the company (“BDGR”) and its management are happy to update its shareholders on new developments, “record date” and “payout date “for the dividend.

The company, BDGR, is scheduled to payout the dividend to shareholders of ProTek Capital Inc., (OTC Pink: PRPM) August 30th, 2021. The “record date” has been set for July 30th, 2021. The record date is the final “date of record” by which the dividend will be issued. Two shares of BDGR will be issued for each 1 share of PRPM held by the shareholder on that “day of record”. In addition, BDGR shareholders will receive a BlackDraco (B$D) coin as its own dividend for each share held.

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Recently, ProTek Capital Inc., Acquired Black Dragon Resource Companies Inc., (BDGR). BDGR was acquired for the purpose of becoming an incubator for various forms of digital currencies, Blockchain codes/programming and NFT’s backed by a solid asset and inventories. BDGR is ready to publish the much-anticipated NFT’s and issue BlackDraco (B$D) digital coins (tokens) as an additional “bonus” to both groups of shareholders at BDGR and PRPM.

“Our companies want to stay current with the recent trends and business developments in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFT’s. The day-to-day business and related activities will be greatly enhanced by each company having access to its own digital currency, and able to process it along with all the other “blockchain” based cryptocurrencies and tokens. We are integrating different sets of software and secured processing in order to enhance our abilities to take in payments, distribute payments and accommodate third party processing for others as an additional revenue generator for our companies. In the recent past, our group of investors who are associated with several publicly trading companies were able to combine and “share” several software packages and “Enterprise Solutions” among all the companies under its management. Software such as Payooze, S3cur3 3D, and Czedr (pronounced cheddar) are being integrated and absorbed in each “software Enterprise Solutions package” specifically designed and individually branded for each company. This is the most economical way for our team to develop the software and then share it among 7 publicly trading companies that we manage!” Explained Edward Vakser, Founder and business plan architect for the companies

To achieve these goals and distribution, the company and its attorneys will be filing an S1 for the registration. Simultaneously, the company will file a corporate action request with FINRA.
This and other corporate actions planned, should enhance, and propel the company during the upcoming fall season.

“I feel excited and confident that we are at the perfect point in history to achieve these goals. We researched and felt comfortable with implementing a specific pathway and filings with the proper regulatory agencies, to stay within compliance rules and regulations. However new the rules are, we gave ourselves and agencies enough time for us to file, comply, and if needed amend our “corporate actions”. Simultaneously, we are also re-directing our “audit consulting group” to begin updating all corporate Disclosures and conduct an audit for the purposes of moving the company to a higher trading tier on OTC Markets, and becoming a “fully reporting filer” in order to move the company to NASDAQ”. Stated Mr. Edward Vakser.

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I am not an attorney, CPA or a money manager/financial consultant. The company and I do have several attorneys and CPA’s as well as consultants working on all these new issues and new technologies. It is extremely important to understand that this genre of investments and technologies represent a wide and unknown field. And while we are working with regulatory agencies’ such as FINRA, SEC and others, as well as service providers such as OTC Markets and associated attorneys and CPA’s, we will only execute and work within guidelines, rules, and regulations by SEC, FINRA, DTCC and all other regulatory agencies. However, although we designed and originated these “rewards” via dividends to reward our PRPM and BDGR shareholders, we still want you to be cautious, incredibly careful and do your own due diligence and research before you make any decisions. For this reason, I structured this deal to be “backed” by real assets, and NOT just “digital” NFT’s. So, we can enhance and control the “backing” financial support to build on a real value. However, we do not know what changes FINRA and/or SEC may suggest or add. We are filing S1 registration, for which comments and/or amendments may change and/or alter dates, times and possibly add or require other unknown developments.

About BDGR:

Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. just as the name implies, has a full menu of products, software, and services to establish itself as a potential marketing leader starting the 2021-2022 season. Backed by real original ART appraised at over $20 Million Dollars, the management assembled programmers, marketing, and design professionals to Re-Brand and Redesign everything about Black Dragon, its products, and services. The company anticipates a slow but steady change-over, transition, and upgrades to its Corporate profile pages, Social Media, website, and overall “look and feel” Branding of the company.

“The only thing that we kept from the old company was the name, stock symbol BDGR and its Chairman/compliance and Audit committee member Dr. Philip Duchamp. Our goal is always to be “transparent” and practice full disclosure with our shareholders. Having a seasoned “Audit Committee Member” enhances that position as well as allow us to pave the way for our secondary “goal and milestone of development”, and that is to up-list the company to the next tier (OTCQB) becoming a “fully reporting filer” by the end of 2021! And the ultimate goal is to move to one big board, such as NASDAQ!”.

Thank you,

The Management, Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. (BDGR)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Black-Dragon-Resource-Companies-Inc-101787868607589

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackDr94644232

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Contact: Edward Vakser  [email protected]  Phone: (214)-418-6940

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Black-Dragon-Resource-Companies-Inc-101787868607589

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackDr94644232

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