Bitdeal Introduces Premium Blockchain Solutions For Supply Chain Industry

Bitdeal, the high principled blockchain development company, we pleased to welcome various industry leaders to join hands in the blockchain network for Supply chain management.

We are honored to be recognized as the A-1 blockchain development company by the clients who have spared their valuable time with us.

Our blockchain in supply chain management is designed to improve supplier validation, life cycle information management and also helps in reaching the right customers with the right products/services at the right time.

The emergence of blockchain-as-a-service is considered to be the momentous trend in the global supply chain market. Our Application of blockchain technology in the Supply chain adds considerable visibility and efficiency to the entire Supply chain process.

The services What we Provide are

1. Private Blockchain Development
2. Blockchain Consulting
3. Hyperledger Blockchain Development
4. Smart Contract Development
5. Ethereum Token Development
6. POC Blockchain Development
7. Supply Chain Blockchain Development
8. Initial Coin Offering Services
9. Security Token Offering Services
10. Dapps Development

We Provide complete end to end traceability and eliminate fraudulent thefts by storing the decentralized and encrypted records on the blockchain.

We have been working with Blockchains, Distributed Ledgers, and Smart Contracts since 2015. We glad to be an encompassing leader in Blockchain Application Technologies.

Having a team of passionate nerds and well-experienced analysts with the latest technologies. We are serving 120+ countries and are providing the best blockchain solutions for 20 + industries.

The Blockchain Platforms We Expertise

1. Ethereum
2. EOS
3. Hyperledger
5. Stellar
6. Multichain
7. Cosmos
8. Corda
10. Minter

In this great moment, we are glad to announce our presence in World Blockchain Summit 2019 Dubai powered by Trescon. we were privileged to take this opportunity to get connect with investors from different countries. Bitdeal’s mission is to connect, promote and educate various blockchain ecosystems to advance the economy of business, startups, and industries.

Check out our strength:

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