Bitcoin Cash House Ghana Finds Liquidity Provider, Seeks to Partner With Mobile Money Services

Bitcoin Cash House Ghana has announced they’ve found a liquidity provider for converting between BCH and Ghanaian cedi, and are now preparing to furnish their building and move in, preparing for official launch on March 1. A new post from organizer Kousha detailed the status of the project and also initiated a small fundraiser for internet setup which has already surpassed its goal as of Tuesday. BCH House Ghana was inspired by the already operational BCH House Venezuela.

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Cash House Movement Grows

Though not officially affiliated with BCH House Venezuela, the Ghana group’s implementation of the concept wanted to use the same name as a show of solidarity and community with the first version, and both have received support from The project is free and decentralized, as concept creator Roberto Garcia notes in BCH House Venezuela’s recent update, which encourages anyone with the will to open their own local office to reach out for assistance and do so. BCH House Venezuela has been active since November last year.

Kousha, ambassador for the Ghana project, is located in Heidelberg, Germany, and is working with “man on the ground” Mohammed Mustapha Yakubum, who can be seen posing with the BCH House Ghana signboard in this article’s featured picture. The goals listed in Kousha’s update post on the crypto hub are four-fold: tutoring payment partners, “creating and listing cashaccounts for merchants based on location,” designing a website and map for customers on, and “Hosting a meetup to celebrate the official start of operations,” which is set for March 1.

Bitcoin Cash House Ghana Finds Liquidity Provider, Seeks to Partner With Mobile Money Services 1

BCH to Facilitate Remittances in West Africa

“Mobile Money Services flourishing in Ghana,” a picture caption in the post reads, “However, BCH is still cheaper and easier to utilize.” Payment partners signing up with the BCH House will be able to handle remittances for customers in cheaper fashion by utilizing bitcoin cash. Kousha writes:

These partners, providing a very similar product as mobile money services, will remit customer money easier, safer and still cheaper than the usual services.

Bitcoin Cash House Ghana Finds Liquidity Provider, Seeks to Partner With Mobile Money Services

Internet Costs Covered by BCH Tips, Locals Already Expressing Interest

In his update the ambassador details:

The house is painted and the BCH sign is installed and already attracting people, who are interested in investing in BCH. It’s a good sign (no pun intended), that there are already people out there, who don’t have to be convinced to open up to cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin Cash. And we are their perfect contact to get started right away.

Kousha goes on to note that while he will pay for some necessities like tables and chairs, BCH House Ghana must have their internet set up “In order for the attendees of the upcoming BCH House ‘opening’ meetup to be able to receive their first Bitcoin Cash, USDH or Lead transaction,” and that “we want to have the Wifi installed until the end of February.” He clarifies that the tips for the article will go toward the internet connection, which costs $75 for one year. The article at time of writing has already garnered over $250 in tips.

Bitcoin Cash House Ghana Finds Liquidity Provider, Seeks to Partner With Mobile Money Services 2

Safarri Project

Those that tipped toward the internet fund are to receive BCH House Ghana’s own SLP token as a reward, and Kousha affirms he is planning on using the dividends function to reward supporters down the road should the project be successful.

“At first these tokens may not mean much more than an honoring badge,” the organizer explains, “But based on how big our project gets over time, we will find a way to reimburse your active support, when it was needed the most, in future funding campaigns and SLP dividends.”

The token is to be minted at the end of the fundraising period on February 21, and is part of the larger vision for what the initiative calls the Safarri Project, which will equip payment partners in the money changing business to act as remittance services via BCH. Information about these partners will be included in the next update, according to the BCH House Ghana ambassador, and those looking to keep abreast of the latest info can also join the official Telegram group.

Bitcoin Cash House Ghana Finds Liquidity Provider, Seeks to Partner With Mobile Money Services 3

Anybody Can Start a BCH Project

The permissionless and decentralized nature of bitcoin cash allows for anyone with a cause to freely take action. Like the BCH House crypto resource hubs, BCH charities have also been started in diverse locations with no official connection to one another, but with the same overarching goal of bringing more economic freedom to the world. Charity initiative Eatbch, for example, is located in both Venezuela and South Sudan, though the groups are independently operated.

Eatbch leverages bitcoin cash to feed impoverished communities and is a grassroots project, not dependent on regulators or politicians to function. Since BCH is a borderless money with negligible transaction fees, anyone with an idea and the resolve to get started can do so.

What do you think about the developments at BCH House Ghana? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, BCH House Ghana, Eatbch, fair use.

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