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Binaryx Academy Introduces All-New Framework to Enable Businesses Grow Faster

Small and midsize businesses can benefit from Binaryx’ tutorial to prepare for capital raising.

Tallinn, Estonia, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) September 13th, Tallinn – Binaryx, a European digital asset exchange, expands its Academy by introducing a new framework for business owners as part of the company’s strategy to help small businesses attract investment. Binaryx Academy is now offering learning materials on various aspects of tokenization. Tokenization Guideline is the first documentation developed for the entrepreneurs who intend to issue their own tokens without involvement of any intermediaries.

Binaryx Academy was initially created as an education hub for training, tutorials, and certification on Binaryx platform. In 2020 Binaryx Academy introduced its free trading courses for the cryptocurrency newcomers.

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Recently, Binaryx went further and unveiled a new asset tokenization platform with the view to becoming the first company to tokenize its assets. European digital asset exchange is committed to building an ecosystem with a full-cycle approach. Binaryx Academy is now developing guided specializations for the business owners to help accelerate tokenization, user adoption, and reduce the learning curve.

“The major goal of our company is to create a wall-to-wall ecosystem for the issuance of unique tokens by various companies. Binaryx offers tools and documentation that will allow businesses to do the groundwork for the tokenization process and attract much-needed investment,” – comments founder and CEO of Binaryx Oleg Kurchenko.

Tokenization Guideline, the first manual for business owners, provides instructions on how to prepare for tokenization and mitigate the associated risks. It also describes the elements that need to be improved first.

The Tokenization Guideline contains preceding steps for the release and distribution of digital assets and lists the following bullet points:

  1. Gaining knowledge of digital assets and blockchain
  2. Conducting an audit of a company
  3. Implementation of software for working with tokenized assets
  4. Developing customer loyalty
  5. Setting up the legal framework for working with tokens

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Tokenization Guideline for Business is available here: https://bit.ly/tokenizationguideline

About Binaryx

Binaryx is a European digital asset exchange that has offered solutions for buying, exchanging, and trading cryptocurrency and other digital assets since 2019. The company offers asset tokenization solutions as a significant part of the financial ecosystem.

Binaryx offices are located in Tallinn and Kyiv. Binaryx OÜ operates the company with license number FVT000465 issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit.


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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