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AXTG Partner with Save Planet Earth to Digitize and Plant 100 Million Trees with NFTs


Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Axis Technologies Group Inc. (OTC PINK: AXTG), a digital asset holding group with Save Planet Earth (SPE), today announced a five-year partnership to enable and accelerate its multi-year digital carbon offset transformation strategy through the commitment to plant 100 million trees program by digitizing the physical assets into digital assets like NFT.

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“The Carbon Credit and carbon offset shifts around consumer financial needs and behaviors, along with the expectation for consistent customer engagement across channels, impose unprecedented demands for technology and speed of execution which now includes carbon labelling,” said AXTG William Tien, CEO.

Imran Ali the founder of Save Planet Earth says “Moving to the digitization of carbon credits is another key component to our physical tree planting transformation.”

Through this partnership, AXTG will use CARBONIS and TIENCHAT  to focus on the following strategic imperatives:

  • AXTG commits to a 100 million trees project for the next 3 years with SPE for implementation of ESG products and services in CARBONIS, a new digital carbon credit and carbon offset project marketplace. This generates 100 million tons of carbon credits at a minimum of US$10 a ton of carbon credit.
  • AXTG digitized trees planting anywhere in the world into NFT for creating a new class of ISO 14064 decentralized financial carbon assets that provides a new climate change sustainable tools and helps eliminate poverty.
  • Deploying these new dynamic tree planting techniques in capturing multi-layers tree planting economics to the last mile with AXTG’s TIENCHAT app. This new tree planting technique will also be trialled in California and soon to participate and support the latest US climate change initiatives announced recently to provide a clean sustainable future for the US.
  • Provides a new decentralized digital carbon credit standard on the blockchain that is community driven and for the community.
  • AXTG’s new TIEN DAO will be released end of 2023 as part of this whole ecosystem that provides an all-in-one, one in all access.

Axis Technologies Group, Inc.:

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Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: AXTG) is a publicly traded holding company focused on the promotion, development, management and marketing of various aspects of businesses surrounding all aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi). Through acquisitions, strategic investments, and its current investment holdings, AXTG seeks to support, develop and take advantage of various fintech, blockchain, DeFi, NFT, carbon offset digitization and metaverse projects, opportunities and initiatives.

Please visit our site at www.AXTG.us for more information.


CARBONIS, a blockchain solution being developed by TiENWORLD LLC which is 100% owned by AXTG is built to provide a digitized carbon offset and carbon credit marketplace that make it easier to track, verify and manage sustainable and ESG compliance business and investment data. Our goal is to establish proof of carbon using data validated by trusted third parties.

CARBONIS is being designed by partnering with SPE, the Planetary Carbon Standard (PCS) and TiENCHAT team of digital banking, DeFi and blockchain experts to enable efficiency in business that drives sustainability.

Please visit our site at www.Carbonis.World end of September 2022

About Planetary Carbon Standard (PCS):

The PCS module of Planetary Carbon Sequestration Standard (PCSS) mainly covers the Afforestation and Reforestation sector-related requirements as expected users include entities, e.g., individual landowners, industrial forestry companies and managers of utility company lands, within a country who are interested in implementing forestry activities and projects designed to generate reductions in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) that could be traded as an offset on-chain.


SPE token offers simple, affordable, and effective mechanisms to enhance carbon sequestration and institute effective emission control systems. These projects will help fight against Global Warming, work to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and assist in keeping climate change at manageable levels. SPE will be running initiatives worldwide to avert global warming, expanding carbon sequestration efforts, and aiding the international adoption of $SPE.

Please visit us at www.saveplanetearth.io for more information.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.