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AXEL Brings Industry-Leading Data Privacy and Security Capabilities to Theorem’s

 Innovative Legal Tech Marketplace with its Decentralized File-Sharing Application AXEL Go…

Las Vegas, NV, July 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AXEL, the software company focused on data custody, privacy and security solutions, is adding its AXEL Go secure file-sharing and storage application to Theorem, a groundbreaking legal technology marketplace that helps law firms and corporate legal departments around the world achieve workflow-driven tech adoption. Legal professionals on the Theorem platform can now use the AXEL Go application to add private and secure collaboration capabilities to their legal tech stack, during in-office, hybrid and remote work situations.

“Theorem is working toward the future of legal tech and we’re honored to join its ecosystem with our AXEL Go privacy and security solution,” says Ben Ow, President and CTO of AXEL. “In today’s changing work environment, law firms, in-house counsel and vendors need an affordable and effective way to protect their confidential and sensitive data.”

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Theorem’s users can now access AXEL Go’s intuitive and innovative feature set when collecting, storing or sharing their files. The application’s blockchain technology, decentralized cloud and AES 256-bit encryption allows users to add barriers between sensitive files and unauthorized access. Like Theorem, AXEL Go can be used equally by law firms, corporate counsel and vendors, making it the most universal solution to store files securely or transfer confidential documents to colleagues, clients, as well as for personal use. There are no file size limits, which means that users have a scalable and convenient option to share any amount of data, safely and securely.

“We are extremely excited to welcome AXEL to the Theorem network and enable greater access to next-generation technology focused on privacy and security,” notes Joshua Maley, CEO and Co-Founder at Theorem. “Firms electing to use blockchain powered applications can show their commitment towards securing work product, while leveraging the most innovative solutions to better serve their clients.”

Theorem brings law firms, in-house counsel and vendors together on its platform by providing access to new technologies and improved efficiencies. Advanced search mechanisms, enhanced profiling and comparison tools help firms to find the best software for their needs.

AXEL Go offers the best way to collect, store and share files securely. When files are shared, they are split into small “shards” and distributed to various servers closest to the recipient. This process, which uses the same encryption technology that government agencies and the military use to secure their most confidential files, significantly reduces the risk of a data breach.

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About AXEL

AXEL believes in a secure internet for everyone, and that private information is private property. That’s why AXEL will never sell your data to any third party. AXEL continues to expand its suite of affordable, patented technology solutions for businesses and individuals who want the benefits of the latest technology without sacrificing their data privacy and security. For more information, please visit AXEL and to sign up for a 14-day trial of AXEL Go Premium, please visit AXEL Go. Follow AXEL on DiscordTwitterTelegram and LinkedIn.

About Theorem

Theorem LTS builds the legal tech platform that powers the adoption and integration of digital solutions for the legal industry. The Theorem platform combines an integrated marketplace for legal technology with a powerful workflow engine that serves up firm technology needs at the point of need, within their workflow–and helps law firms and legal departments discover, assess, adopt, track, connect and automate their legal technology stack. Theorem’s mission is to usher in a new era of legal solutions development and delivery using technology. To learn more, please visit Theorem.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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