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Audioburst Launches First Ever Offering to Mint Short-Form Audio NFT’s

 Directly off Podcasts

NFT product brings audio content fully into the era of Web 3.0, as it “provides our hosts, producers, and sponsors with valuable insights and feedback,” says Jamie Cohen, SVPTel Aviv, ISRAEL – August 22, 2022 – Audioburst, the leader in AI audio search and delivery, announced the launch of its new NFT minting product. Using the Audioburst interface, listeners can easily find segments from within a podcast or radio program that they like and buy the story as an NFT with the click of a button.The NFT tool sits within the Audioburst Finder widget. Listeners can visit the site of their favorite podcasts, use the company’s proprietary audio search tools to find content, and purchase the NFT using a credit card with the button located on the widget.“Transforming audio clips into NFTs is a natural extension of our existing core audio discovery capabilities, which allows listeners to search podcasts and share story segments,” says Gal Klein, CEO of Audioburst. “Listeners take ownership of audio content that they connect with while supporting their favorite podcast and radio hosts.”Audioburst’s Finder is revolutionizing the way audio is engaged with and consumed online. It is currently being used by Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, A.J. Benza, and other leading podcast and talk radio hosts. The company’s widget uses AI to make audio files searchable while adding visual and audio advertisements, bringing it to Web 1.0. It breaks long-form audio from podcasts and radio programs into smaller stories that are easily shareable over social media, transitioning the medium to Web 2.0. By adding NFT capabilities, Audioburst is ushering audio files into Web 3.0.Audioburst Finder, the search and share widget, has been deployed on leading podcast sites, including the Salem Podcast Network. It has opened new revenue streams while making content more discoverable. Additionally, it has resulted in more unique visitors and a deeper engagement between podcast hosts and their passionate listeners.“One of the really interesting things that has come out of Audioburst’s Finder widget is the impact that it can have on show content itself,” says Jamie Cohen, SVP of Salem Media Group. “As a vast content producer, we want to deliver the content that keeps listeners engaged and returning for more. The NFTs, search queries, and social media shares have provided our hosts, producers, and sponsors with invaluable insights and feedback contributing to the success of all stakeholders.”Audioburst is the only company in the market offering a full end-to-end NFT creation solution. The company will be displaying its solution at Podcast Movement in Dallas from August 23-26. Stop by the booth to see a live demo or visit their site to learn more.About AudioburstAudioburst, the Audio Search and Delivery Platform, makes audio content accessible to users, whenever they want it and wherever they are. A powerful suite of APIs and SDK solutions enable app developers, web publishers, automotive companies, and device makers to tap into the world’s largest indexed library of fresh talk audio content. Adding a layer of informative, entertaining, and inspiring short-form audio content streams increases the user experience and introduces new monetization opportunities for Audioburst partners such as Hyundai, Samsung, and Flipboard.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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