Asetek Launches 645LT: A Miniature Closed-Loop Liquid Cooler

When it comes to enthusiast-class PCs, we have seen two notable trends over the past few years. On the one hand, a significant share of high-performance computers now uses all-in-one liquid cooling solutions. On the other hand, many enthusiasts prefer small form-factor PCs that in many cases cannot accommodate an LCS. Asetek this week introduced its 645LT AIO liquid cooler, one of the first miniature closed-loop LCS on the market.

The Asetek 645LT uses a small water block featuring the company’s sixth-generation pump, a copper cold plate, as well as tube connectors with 90° bends that enable to lower the length of tubing and therefore save space inside SFF chassis. The 645LT water block and pump can use any of the company’s radiators, but for smaller systems it will come equipped with a 92-mm radiator featuring a 92-mm fan.

The 645LT 92-mm AIO cooler was co-designed by Asetek and Dan Cases. The latter will use the LCS for its A4-SFX small form-factor gaming desktop. Meanwhile, Overclockers UK will sell the 645LT 92-mm AIO cooling system outfitted with a 92-mm Noctua fan in the UK. The product will cost £82.99.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the 645LT 92-mm AIO LCS for SFF PCs, Overclockers UK (and possibly other partners of Asetek) will offer the same system with 240 and 360-mm radiators for £99.95 and £129.95.

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Source: Asetek

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