Announcing the HUMAN Grant Program: $10 Millionth Fund the Next Wave of HUMAN Solutions

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The MetaHUMAN Foundation has announced a grants program to support a new generation of projects looking to adopt and build on top of HUMAN Protocol. Successful applicants will have access to an allocated fund of $10 million, to supercharge the adoption of the Protocol, and realize new possibilities for HUMAN technology across new use cases.

HUMAN Protocol is an open-source infrastructure. It is a beginning – a new way to represent and verify human value and contribution – that can be built upon. With each new application, the diversity of work processed by the Protocol expands, and the utility of the HMT token as a means to represent all forms of contribution increases.

HUMAN Protocol facilitates a new future of work by offering a permissionless system of exchange. Automated by software, enforced by smart contracts, and settled on the blockchain, HUMAN Protocol means any input or interaction can be tokenized, and its value securely represented. Its primary application is the creation and settlement of open job markets; the first to be supported by the Protocol is a data-labeling market, designed to offer ML practitioners the data required to create more relevant and detailed datasets.

“The grants program allows others to carry forward what we’ve started. HUMAN Protocol offers an open-source, broadly applicable solution to representing, verifying, and valuing worker contribution on an automatic basis. This could be job markets in which organizations request the completion of different jobs, split into the composite tasks; solutions such as Proof of HUMANity that verify human behaviour; or global Q&A systems,” said Alex Newman, Protocol Designer.

The core technology of HUMAN Protocol, however, extends far beyond job markets. It governs, secures, and automates the exchange of contribution – including knowledge – for value. Through it, all parties may interact and trade without trust; for example, organizations may request the completion of jobs by global workforces, with composite tasks parceled out through partnered applications. It makes possible a more comprehensive model for crowdsourcing in which both sides are equally served, and all contributions are rewarded.

“HUMAN Protocol is built to change the future of work. That change will take collaboration; it will require us to support projects as they apply the technology to their unique use cases. We’re pleased to deliver a program that can help projects use, develop, and adopt HUMAN Protocol. Such a powerful tool needs to be worked on together. That is how we realize a better future of work,” said Andreas Schemm, Head of Ecosystem.

The grants program is an invitation to all kinds of businesses, independent entrepreneurs, and developers to submit an application, which, far from the monetary rewards, can offer them a better way to reward workforces, offer more to users, or increase the value generated by user interactions.

Applicants will be assessed in accordance with prespecified criteria, which includes the viability of the proposal and its potential value to the HUMAN ecosystem.

To learn more about the HUMAN grants program, visit the webpage, or read the latest updates on the HUMAN blog.

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