Aniverse Launches Larva NFT Breeding Service and Larva Kids NFT


SEOUL, KOREA, Nov. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aniverse announced that it will launch Larva PFP NFT breeding service at 8 pm (KST) on November 8th. Larva PFP NFT holders can mint ‘Larva Kids NFT’ through the breeding service, and Larva Kids NFT holders will be provided with additional benefits such as a ‘Welcome Kit, Legendary Larva Kids Staking Boost, as well as Larva Kids Staking’.

The Larva Kids NFT breeding service will use a new minting method by combining the 10,000 Larva PFP NFTs, which were minted and sold out on OpenSea in March of this year. You can mint Larva Kids NFT by combining two different types of NFTs out of the total of 7 pool types of NFT characters. ‘Cocoa and Mayfly’ character NFTs will be added as a legendary NFT to the existing 7 Larva NFT characters. Legendary Larva Kids NFT can be minted by combining Pink and Brown, and will be provided to a total of 200 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

Larva Kids NFT minting can be accessed through the ‘breeding’ service in the submenu of the Larva Kids homepage, and 500KANV is consumed per session. The Breeding service will be opened for 24 hours after the official launch, and Aniverse will focus on attract more users in order to increase the service usage rate. In addition, Aniverse added that among the total of 2,000 Larva Kids NFTs, including Legendary Larva Kids, unminted quantities will be bred within the Aniverse team and the KANV used for this will be incinerated.

Larva Kids NFT minted through breeding will later be used in the Larva Kids staking service to receive Klay as a reward. In the case of Legendary Larva Kids NFT, additional boosting features to the Larva Kids staking service, and also the ability to boost 3/5/7 type pools among the existing Larva Kids NFT staking pools is also provided.

Larva Kids NFT’s official website address and breeding service will be released on the 8th, and the official OpenSea Collection link and Pala Square listing will be held at the same time. Detailed information and official links related to breeding can be found through various social media communities such as Aniverse Larva NFT Discord and Twitter channels.

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