AMD vs Intel: CPUs at CES

This is partly down to the 4000 line finally offering eight-core 16-thread chips suitable for thin-and-light machines. These chips have typically topped out at six cores, so cramming two more processors into the same power envelope is certainly an accomplishment.

On the high-end side, AMD is claiming their 45-watt 4800H should be around 10% faster than Intel’s 95-watt i7-9700K desktop chip. This claim is incredible enough we’ll want to test it to be sure, but if so it could usher in an era of seriously fast mobile gaming and media machines.

Intel, for their part, only teased new products. They will also be offering a new line of 45-watt high performance mobile chips, based on their 14nm “Comet Lake” architecture. Intel says the i7 line of these chips will boost to 5GHz, and there will be an i9 version that will go “even higher.” Intel hasn’t even released a desktop chip with boost speeds above 5GHz yet, so this could be seriously fast, especially for a mobile chip.

Intel also showed their upcoming “Tiger Lake” line of processors, which will pair an updated version of their 10nm mobile chips with their long-awaited Xe graphics architecture, potentially doubling the graphics performance of their mobile chips. The rumored standalone Xe graphics card also got a name, the “DG1”.

If the past few years have seen desktop and high performance computing leap ahead, the next year could see similar gains for mobile chips. Check out the video for a full rundown of what’s new for PCs at CES.

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