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Amazon has made it into the blockchain industry, and on April 30, the company announced that its subsidiary Amazon Web Services was launching its Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB).

Hyperleger Fabric & Ethereum Frameworks

Amazon Web Services has said that its AMB is designed to allow companies and customers to easily create a blockchain network that is simple and scalable to manage and uses the Hyperledger and Ethereum open source frameworks.  The Hyperledger Fabric is a product of Linux foundation and IBM as part of the IBM Blockchain, which is a Performance-as-a-service. Ethereum is not yet supported, but there are plans to have it on board later this year.

Amazon Web Services has been in preview since last year, and now it will be available in Northern Virginia first before extending to the rest of the country next year.


Rahul Pathak, the Amazon Web Services General Manager for AMB, stated that the blockchain-as-a-service will enable most companies to easily create their blockchain networks at a low cost. This will be helpful in eliminating the need to install software, provide hardware configure network settings as well as creating and managing access control certificates.

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Add Members to Your Network

The company indicated that with the Amazon Web Services’ customers can select their preferred framework and once they add members to the network they need to configure the member nodes so that they start processing transactions. The AMB does the rest by creating a network that can extend through various Amazon Web Services accounts while configuring the network, security, and software settings.

AMB has the capability of supporting numerous applications that run multiple transactions. Besides AMB, Amazon Web Services also provides customers with Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) to help in performing additional analytics.

Already, communication giant AT&T Inc, food and beverage company Nestle, and Singapore Exchange Limited have implemented the AMB.

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