2023 Interposers: TSMC Hints at 3400mm2 + 12x HBM in one Package

High-performance computing chip designs have been pushing the ultra-high-end packaging technologies to their limits in the recent years. A solution to the need for extreme bandwidth requirements in the industry has been the shifts towards large designs integrated into silicon interposers, directly connected to high-bandwidth-memory (HBM) stacks.

TSMC has been evolving their CoWoS-S packaging technology over the years, enabling designers to create bigger and beefier designs with bigger logic dies, and more and more HBM stacks. One limitation for such complex designs has been the reticle limit of lithography tools.

Recently, TSMC has been increasing their interpose size limitation, going from 1.5x to 2x to even projected 3x reticle sizes with up to 8 HBM stacks for 2021 products.

As part of TSMC’s 2020 Technology Symposium, the company has now teased further evolution of the technology, projecting 4x reticle size interposers in 2023, housing a total of up to 12 HBM stacks.

Although by 2023 we’re sure to have much faster HBM memory, a 12-stack implementation with the currently fastest HBM2E Samsung Flashbolt 3200MT/s modules would represent at least 4.92TB/s of memory bandwidth, which is multitudes faster than even the most complex designs today.

Carousel image credit: NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA with 6 HBM2 Stacks

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