August 4, 2019

Instagram and WhatsApp get a ‘from Facebook’ stamp to remind you who’s boss

To be honest, I’m kind of impressed Facebook held out this long. After buying WhatsApp and Instagram several years ago, Facebook has decided it’s time to let everyone know who’s...
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Tax Expert: IRS Letters Confirm That Trading Cryptos Is a Taxable Event

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced on July 26 that 10,000 American cryptocurrency users will receive a letter reminding them to pay taxes or amend any mistakes on past...
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Apple will end up doing what Intel could not

With its recent billion dollar purchase to take Intel’s scrapped 5G modem business off its hands, Apple is more in control of its destiny than ever. A cursory analysis would...
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Bitcoin's Annihilating Every One of Your Favorite Altcoins

As Bitcoin dominance rises to its highest level in 28 months, the flagship cryptocurrency is annihilating the entire altcoin market. | Source: Shutterstock Bitcoin continues to crush its opposition as...
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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down (again)

We’ve asked Facebook if it can comment on the outage. There has been a string of problems across the services in recent months, with roots in everything from server configurations...
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Goldman-Backed Apple Card Restricts Cryptocurrency Purchases

Cryptocurrencies cannot be purchased with the new Apple credit card according to the American multinational technology company’s recently published customer agreement guidelines. The Apple card’s restrictions indicate that the company’s...
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Over 95% of the 1,600 vulnerabilities discovered by Google's Project Zero were fixed within 90 days

Why it matters: Project Zero is the terrifying security research team infamous for three things: discovering the worst vulnerabilities out there, finding a new vulnerability every day, and giving companies...
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Crypto Social Media is Breaking Free: How 10+ Blockchain Platforms Pay You to Post

Social media has become so embedded in most people’s everyday lives that it’s hard to imagine life — or even a span of a few hours — without it. While...
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From Ghana to the Bronx, Meet the Teen Bitcoiners Building the Future

Jemima Joseph, 18, is working a summer job as a social media manager for a crypto startup after graduating from high school in the Bronx. And she learned how to...
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YouTube Premium is rolling out 1080p video downloads

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are happy to watch videos at 480P and those who will fight for every last pixel. If you’re in...
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