July 14, 2019

NASA backs demo that will 3D-print spacecraft parts in orbit

Made In Space has already 3D-printed beams in 2017, when it used a NASA location that simulated some of the conditions of space. This, of course, is another challenge entirely...
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Oops! Tether ‘Accidentally’ Created $5 Billion in Crypto Out of Thin Air

Due to human error and fat fingers, Tether accidentally printed $5 billion of its fiat-pegged cryptocurrency out of thin air. Oops. The mistake occurred when the Tether team was in...
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France is getting a new space command this year

Why it matters: Apparently reaching for the stars isn’t enough for France, who now appears to be joining the US in wanting the capacity to shoot them with their own...
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Dow Uber-Bulls Fantasize About 28,000 – Here’s Why Bears Fear a Slump

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the broader US stock market are having the time of their lives even as the US-China trade war keeps raging on and key economic...
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CHEAP: At $60, the Instant Pot is at its lowest price ever

The Instant Pot isn’t your ordinary slow cooker. It’s an all-in-one machine that can do (almost) anything, from steaming vegetables, to sautéing meat. It’s for that reason why users rave...
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Newly acquired voting tech may be vulnerable to attack

In brief: You would hope that electronic systems used in elections would be some of the most secure machines on the planet. But old software and even more outdated regulatory...
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An IT security salesman told me his software doesn't work

Someone, somewhere can always get in. CNET I just wanted a day off. So I wandered to a public golf course for some sunshine and the hope of just one...
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Sony says its USB hub is the world's fastest SD card reader

The hub supports 100W power delivery to handle monitors and other particularly demanding peripherals. You’ll also have USB-C and USB-A connectors to connect devices new and old, not to mention...
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Panda Group’s Crypto Terminals Offer Venezuelans a Bridge to Economic Prosperity

Arley Lozano, founder of the cryptocurrency based startup Panda Group, recently explained how his firm is spreading cryptocurrency adoption throughout Colombia and Venezuela. Panda Group has deployed 10 hybrid cryptocurrency...
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