June 15, 2019

Game of Thrones ‘Deepfake’ Video Rubs Salt in Wounds of Upset Fans

By CCN Markets: It seems impossible that the famous “Downfall” video meme would ever face serious competition, but the advent of deepfake videos may de-throne this internet favorite. The latest...
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ThinkGeek.com is shutting down, consolidating with parent company GameStop

Recap: Hot Topic made an offer for ThinkGeek’s parent company, Geeknet, in mid-2015 but GameStop swooped in with a better offer at the 11th hour and secured the acquisition. This...
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Markets Update: Crypto Prices Surge After Last Week’s Pullback

Digital currency markets have regained some of the losses they endured last week, with the entire cryptoconomy now valued at $275 billion this Saturday. Most cryptocurrencies are up in value...
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Hitting the Books: We won't colonize space without a Weyland-Yutani

Space 2.0: How Private Spaceflight, a Resurgent NASA, and International Partners are Creating a New Space Ageby Rod Pyle It’s been nearly six decades since Yuri Gagarin made humanity’s first...
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Google Teaches Ethereum: Inside Google’s Cloud-Blockchain Ethereum Hybrid

Published: 15/06/2019 10:52 EST. Journalist: By CCN Markets: So, you may have heard that Google Cloud Services now support Ethereum smart contracts. Not only that, but Google is expending its...
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Piixpay Lets You Pay Bills and Invoices With Cryptocurrency

If you need to regularly cover fiat payments but prefer to use your digital assets, a platform like Piixpay can be very helpful. The payment provider allows you to use...
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Personal robots won’t catch on until they become more than a novelty

Last month, another well-funded social robot startup, Anki, closed its doors for good. And it wasn’t the first. In March, Jibo, which had received $73 million in funding, announced that...
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GPS outage could cost $1 billion per day, study finds

The big picture: It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know just how dependent on technology the American economy is, but what you should be thinking about is how poorly these systems...
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US Regulator Fines and Suspends Former Banker for Mining Bitcoin

By CCN Markets: A former investment banker has been slapped with a fine and a suspension by self-regulatory body Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for mining Bitcoin. According to the...
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Turn your YouTube channel into a career with this $11 course

It’s no secret that you can make a career out of creating videos on YouTube. From gaming videos to toy reviews, the platform’s top creators have made a killing producing...
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